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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leaving my job for good

At this point, I tell myself, I cant be selfish, I mean, I am running my business, juggling with my responsibility in my office work (which i havent been concentrating lately), i have to choose what is best for me! Do I want to concentrate on my business, OR should teh work comes first? Then I said, hum,....thats an easy thought!

I mean, lets face it, I AM NOT HAPPY WITH MY JOB!! Well, yes,I have the best BOSS (Director of Finance) people can imagine, and the superb Assistant Manager people can dreamt of, my friends in the office are fantastic, but still I am not happy with the job. While i was taking my time to think, I get some advices from friends, I remember what my Boss ask me, is this what u really want? Then, a good friend of mine said, do what makes u happy cos life is too short. And, my ex-Account Manager (who left the company for good; before me, and seeing her so happy with her new job, i might add) said, put yourself first then others. yes, it maybe sound selfish but it's reality. Nobody take yourself seriously, so why should you? sometimes, making the biggest mistake in your life is where you actually learn something.

And, thats the reason i left the company without a second thought. I want to make my own history, creating my own name in the industry. Yes, it's scary, for the first time you feel like you are going to be outside, alone, facing the real ugly truth about business, but you are not going to make it if you keep on thinking without taking the first step.

Honestly, first few weeks was rough. But now, I am glad and proud of myself for the decision that i made. i am not going to turn back and say, hey, it should be me, but i let go the opportunity because I am such a "chicken" to leave my job and start the business. yes, it is sad leaving all your fantastic colleagues from your job, but now you know that your true friends are still there to support you.

Thanks to my hubby to have faith in me. He made this dream comes true. And I am going to show the world, what Food Over Bros is worth. The history is in the making, thanks to you guys, all our suppoters!

XOXO, Dylla Burn

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