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Monday, January 17, 2011

walking down the lane

Everything started with history. Something somewhere that we can relate to our life. Lebih kurang sama-lah dengan Food Over Bros.

For the past six years, I've been working with Private Sector (one of the largest bank in Malaysia). First year, the EAGER stage,..nak belajar everything-lah konon, kan? Second year, ceh...time ni lah nak tunjuk your performance kaw kaw kat your bosses. Third & Fourth year, you are climbing towards your career path. Masuk fifth year, dah rasa jemu dah. In six years, working in the same company, same environment, same stupid politics, i feel like, is this what i really want in my life?

Lets face it, we (me and my hubby) both get stuck with our demanding job, and mostly our face to face conversation is in the morning when we say goodbye, hugs, kisses each other. Sometimes we dont even see each other before bed, either me being home late or him coming home after i've already slept.Thats when we said, thank GOD they invented handphone, :)

And then, one saturday evening, while i was "lepak-ing" with my lovely hubby after soooo many months that we dont hang out together, he pop a question that change my life, "Dear, are you happy? with work I mean, are you?". I look at him wondering where is that coming from? "Of course I am happy" aku jawab-lah, tapi banyak benda bermain dalam fikiran aku waktu tu. and then he said to me, "Trust me honey, you are not happy...."

Then, dia pun start asking me the things that i've once told him before,which is i really3x want to do food business. The best part, my youngest brother baru jer graduate. So, after a series of discussion with my hubby and youngest brother, maka terhasil-lah Food Over Bros......

Subjek sejarah hari ini ditutp yer kawan2.... nak tahu selanjutnyer, nantikan episod seterusnyer,.......

XOXO - Dylla Burn

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