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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cupcakes..cupcakes... cupcakes

Hai kawan2x....  mesti ramai yang suka makan cupcakes kan?  Termasuklah dylla jugak.....
Di Malaysia sekarang ni, cupcakes dah jadi satu fenomena baru...  pergi mane ajer kita jumpa cupcakes.
Even wedding sekarang pun orang order cupcakes,... senang dan yang penting it's decorative,  so kek kawin kita tak sama lah dengan orang lain.... Cakap pasal kek kawin,  kalau nak tengok,  bleh tengok kat PICTURES tab,  confirm you all suka..... :)
Kat sini, dylla sertakan article pasal cupcakes...  so, have fun reading! XOXO!

Cupcakes have been around since the 19th century, and are as popular today as ever. New gourmet cupcake recipes and storefronts are springing up on a daily basis and quickly gaining popularity. Although the modern flavors are great for an occasional change, nothing beats the classic combinations. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are traditional favorites that not only taste wonderful, but can also bring back childhood memories.

Vanilla cupcakes have typically been topped with chocolate, buttercream or vanilla frosting, though strawberry frosting is also quite common. Another tradition recipe for vanilla cupcakes includes carefully cutting out a round from the top, hollowing out the center of the cake, and packing it with lemon filling. The top is then carefully replaced and sprinkled with a thick layer of powdered sugar. Chocolate frosting is sometimes used in place of the lemon filling inside the vanilla cupcakes, and remains a favorite today.

Chocolate cupcakes have been traditionally combined with several toppings and fillings. Vanilla, buttercream or chocolate frosting is a standard choice to top the little snacks. Whipped vanilla frosting has been piped into chocolate cupcakes for years, and the cakes are sometimes topped with a dark chocolate ganache. Some people use peanut butter frosting as a filling instead of vanilla, and top with more of the frosting. Chocolate cupcakes can also be hollowed out and filled using the same method as with the lemon-filled vanilla cupcakes. They are most commonly filled with vanilla or buttercream frosting, the top is replaced, and then they are sprinkled with either powdered sugar or cocoa.

Some other classic cakes have been downsized and cooked in cupcake tins for years. Spice and carrot cakes topped or filled with cream cheese frosting are two such cakes that have been miniaturized, as is German chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Tiramisu is another classic dish that has recently made its way into the cupcake world. Numerous traditional recipes like baked donuts topped with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar have been made for generations and are actually cupcake recipes in disguise.

Many gourmet cupcake stores offer standard, traditional cupcakes as well. The popularity of the classic combinations never wavers, nor should it. The wonderful, tasty treats are the perfect dessert for any occasion, or make a great afternoon or evening snack. The flavors of the classic combinations not only please the taste buds, but can also provide a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Baking gourmet mini cakes has never been easier or faster. Create gourmet masterpieces using step-by-step cupcake recipes with tips and techniques for success. Artfully decorate your delicious treats with one of our growing collection of the best taste-tested frosting recipes.

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