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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The French Culinary School in Asia - Leisure Cooking Class, 29 Jan 2011

Hi bloggers, churpers, friends, nuffnangers, sape2 jer lah yg baca blog nih...

So, since I became full time caterer now, kenalah bijak sikit buat bisnes nih.  After all, this is my rice bowl now.    So, slowly, sambil2 berniaga, I try to find time to read about business, marketing and things that related - lah!  At this point, ha... time ni lah kita kata, THANK GOD they invented internet and wireless.... kat mane2 boleh cari ilmu sekarang nih.  But then, .... OMG!  There are lots to learn, ... well, I do not have business background... Accounting tuh akak TIP TOP - lah dek non.... :)

Well, one day, my dearest hubby joined a talk by Irfan Khairi (who doesn't know Irfan, rite?)  When he was home, he talked about everything from the talk-lah!  Then, he said, u tak nak join any class ker?  U did mentioned that u nak join cooking school, kan?....

Erm,... betul gak, sebab once you are in food business, you have to make sure that your food is different from others,.. well, nak bagi orang makan bukan senang tau!  Things that make us differs for other caterer, tu yang kita nak.  Actually, dah selalu sangat dapat invitation email from HTC ni (French Culinary School), just yet to sin up for their classes jer....  Fikir punye fikir, check calender, hah!  takde clash dengan catering date, so apalagi register-lah for the class.

I am so excited to join the class, coz I am cookies crazy.  Class dia best sangat 2!  Nak tahu sebabnyer?  Chef Jean Michel Fraisse who conducted the class is damn good!  He even tak kedekut to share some tips to the student.  Apa yang best, class ari tuh cuma ada 5 orang jer yang attend so everybody got full attention!  But, what surprised me, xramai orang muda yang nak belajar.  (as per what they mentioned to me-lah).  Yang datang tu dah kategori orang tua jugak-lah.  Orang tua vogue, ok!

Well of course he is French, and the class medium is English but jangan terperanjat, he can speaks some malay tau!  Apa yang menariknyer class ni, he makes the class fun!  Sambil2 dia ajar tu, he gave some tips, that is sure useful if you listen to him carefully (kalau korang xsibuk bersosek2 dlm class lah,..hahahahaa).  He makes things so simple for you to follow.  Recipe / Handbook is provided for students.  If you want coffee during the class, buatlah sendiri.  Any specific coffee that you want?  Just choose and prepare yourself from the class pantry.  Best tak?  Best kan?  Besides, he also guide us where to get good bakery item, kalau kita nak modify recipe dia, apa yang boleh ditambah, apa yang boleh kurangkan, apa yang langsung xboleh buat pun dia bagitau,.....  Best, kan?

From morning till past lunch, he taught us 9 cookies.  Isn't that amazing?  Sedap2 plak tuh....  Lagi best, kiteorang boleh sama2 tolong dia buat.  Wanna see class pictures?  Check my "PICTURES" tab, ok?

This month end, I register for another class plak.  Saje, tambah ilmu.  Menuntut ilmu tu, biar sampai ke liang lahad, kan?   So, kalau berminat nak tau pasal class ni (French Culinary School), roger2 lah I.  Follow us, k!

Dylla Burn

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