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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is it supper? or,just early breakfast?

Erm,.... I'm watching Travel channel rite now, Food Tripper Miami shows and it shows the burgers, steaks events in Miami, when suddenly I said to my brother, "do you think what I am thinking rite now?". He gave me a smile and said, "you are craving for burgers, aren't you?". Then we both laugh, and I said to myself, he knew me so well. Yes, I am burger crazy! I enjoy  eating burger too much.


So, we headed to our kitchen and make ourselves burger and fries and hot coffee! And then I said to him, "I hate the shows!". It's 3 am and we are eating burgers! Thanks to First Pride Beef Patties (I don't like patties from Ramly Burger,well, thats just me), the taste is so amazing and it is worth every single cents spent on it (yes, it's more expensive than Ramly). Enjoy the picture guys!

Oh, btw, I am leaving this post with a pray...

Share the laugh,.... pass it on...


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