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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tak kan Melayu hilang di Dunia

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa...
Everybody is busy talking about this movie.. some might not like it, but a lot that i heard love this movie so much.. I am writing this too,... not because it's the trend rite now (well yes, most bloggers do write about HMM), but this is my first Malay movie (after LBS!), and I think it deserve a BIG applause from all movie lovers!

To be honest, I am limiting myself to only watch the movie played by Lisa Surihani, Que Haidar, Farid Kamil. I actually believe that only these three actors are worth watching (well, that's my personal view, no offense to others, please). Same goes to international movies, where I actually go to watch selected movies only.

But then, when i first heard that KRU is producing HMM movie, my first thought was, is this movie going to be great? Well, to be honest, an epic movie is not as easy to produce. It demands lots of work, researches, not to mention the outfits, the scenes itself,.. and I pray, "Please KRU, make this movie a great one!". Besides all these, its the first movie where I see my friends went and search the history of Merong Mahawangsa! Lets be honest here, me, my brothers, my friends, we are actually either busy reading or collecting books like Twilight, Percy Jackson collection, The Series of Unfortunate Events, LOTR, books written by Nicholas Sparks (some of it are great movies), Harry Potter (I don't have to mention all, here).. but this movie makes you wonder, do you really know the story of Malay bloodlines? Sigh! I am not even sure myself! 

I just know that I have to watch this movie. Not only because it's a story of Malay bloodlines, part of it because it was produced by KRU (to be honest). Well, I always admired how Norman (of KRU) have built such empire in the entertainment business. So, last saturday, I went to the cinema to watch HMM and honestly, I FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT!!! It was written so beautiful, and it is amazing! I salute the scriptwriter , both Yusry & Amir Hafizi, for making this movie so great for the viewer. And, I must say, IT WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY! The story is simple, understandable, not too carried away with romance between Merong & Embok, The Rome Prince & Chinese Princess, it is straight forward! From the beginning till end, it amazes me over and over again!

Part that I like the most is when Merong said something to the crews / pendekar about going to fight to defend their honor; where everybody, the King, the people, are equals. He asked them to fight, as it is their own fight. Not because he asked them to. Meremang bulu roma masa dengar Merong cakap cam tu...

I can't imagine that a Malay movie can actually create the scenes so beautiful to see (well, its like watching part of Pirates of Carribean produce by a Malay director/producer!), and it makes me wonder, why is there aren't any movie so good, so pure, so beautiful like this has been produce before? How can KRU did this? Is it because they are KRU? Seriously? I can't help to address that by producing this movie, KRU has set a high boundaries to others! Yes, there are parts where digital works required but which movie didn't need that? Hello,... most of international movies were recorded in green screen! 

I am going to end this with a quote by late HANG TUAH ~ Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia. This is the rise of Malay movie scenes. Thanks to KRU, for making a movie worth watching! Support our local scenes!


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