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Friday, March 11, 2011


Hi all,
I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I do. :)

This one I made it myself, :D

There are a lot of fancy restaurants out there that charge a lot of money per plate. Most of them have "secret" recipes that they use to get a certain taste and to be able to charge the high price tag. This is the reason why we spend the money that we do in order to attend these restaurants. The truth is, most of these recipes from restaurants can be created in your own home if you take the time to prepare it correctly. Recreating these recipes boils down to the ingredients that you use, the way you assemble them, and how you cook them.

When buying recipe ingredients, you need only take inspiration from your favorite recipes from restaurants in order to know what direction to go. With similar ingredients you can use a trial and error method in order to recreate the same tastes and plates that you get at the restaurant. If you have a knack for sensing taste changes then you can quickly figure out what quantities to use of each ingredient. Spices and seasonings are going to affect the overall taste of the food in different amounts. The main thing to remember is that by changing a simple ingredient you can alter the entire flavor of the meal.

The next thing you will want to do is to mimic the assembly method of your favorite recipes from restaurants. When doing this you will want to remember that there are three ways you bring flavor together. These three things are water, alcohol, and oil. Even if you don't have alcohol in your home, you can use wine when cooking because the alcohol will burn out and leave the food with a delicious flavor. You might also try increasing your usage of butter in order to make the meal more flavorable.

Last of all, is the cooking method that you choose to use. Most restaurants use very high heats in order to get meals out to customers in a timely manner. This may be from a grill, oven, pan or broiler. The way that you can recreate this same heat is by cooking in smaller batches on a stove or broiler. Once it is done cooking, let it sit for a little bit in order to soak up all of the flavor.
These are all great tips to follow when trying to recreate recipes from restaurants. You can also get help by searching online and finding other sources that have recreated similar recipes from scratch.

Recipes from restaurants are a highly kept secret! However you can gain access to over 500 of these (TOP SECRET) recipes by going here http://recipes-fromrestaurants.com

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