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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jamie at Home Products from Jme

Been google-ing Jamie Oliver web since morning...I can never get enough of this guy.
As a caterer and event planner, his web provides so much info and yes, I do learn a lot of cooking from him.
but then, to organize an event, it is not as easy as it looks like. Well, I know mine is still small, but looking at his web (well then, do click the link below), I wish I can organize a party (no matter small it is), but leave a mark for everybody, a good, fantastic memorable one.
I wish these awesome product is here.... click the link below guys... prepared to be amazed!
Jamie at Home Products from Jme | Including exclusive Essentials range | Jamie at Home

And guys,.. please... PASS IT ON...


  1. yep, have watched his programs on AFC but still prefer Chef Micheal Smith.

  2. Oh! My brother loves him! For me, my rank of chefs are 1) Jamie Oliver 2) Chuck Hughes 3) Nigella Lawson. Well, it's not that I dont like Chef Michael, but I like those three better.
    Thanks for your review.


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